Reviewer Guideline

Referees contribute to the editorial process by expressing their opinions to increase the study's scientificity and publish it. They fulfill the duty of refereeing with the awareness that they contribute to the development of science.

The referees should withdraw from the evaluation process by informing the editor within three days when they think the content of a submitted work is incompatible with their scientific field or experience or when a quick evaluation cannot be made.

There should be no conflicts of interest or competition between the referees, researchers, author(s), or sponsors.

The referees should not use the privileged information and/or ideas they obtained during the evaluation for their benefit by keeping it confidential. In addition, the referees should not use any part of the data of the unpublished work that they have evaluated.

The referees are obliged to keep all the information about the submitted work confidential and to inform the editor when they notice copyright infringement and plagiarism by the author.

Referee criticism should be made in objective and constructive language. No hostile or insulting criticism should be made personally against the author(s). Referees should express their opinions with arguments that support them.

Referees must provide detailed justifications for the studies they will report regarding refusal.